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No, my blog has not been nominated for anything. It’s much too nascent for that (someday, someday!).
However a website that I am a co-publisher for (, and the blog of a very good friend have both been nominated for the 2009 South African Blog awards. PLEASE vote for and for my friend’s blog. Both have been nominated in the Best Post on a South African Blog category.
Here are the nominated posts:

1) A Cultural Expedition To A Nearby Mall To Snap Photos Of Models In Swimwear 

2) The Anti-Connoisseur’s Guide To A Walk In The African Bush

Please go here to vote for either of these posts in the category of Best Post on A South African Blog. Once you’ve voted, please check your e-mail address to confirm and finalise your vote. Voting ends April 1st!

This is the most creative Valentine’s Day gift I’ve seen yet. A yellow cake with strawberry filling, covered in vanilla frosting and vanilla-almond fondant. The wording, “Eres mi tesoro” is “you’re my treausre” in Spanish. Very cute and adorable! It’s a good thing it’s a Valentine’s Treasure Chest, and not a Valentine’s Chest…. he he!

It is a very busy week for me, all baking things considered. If it takes a little while for me to post something new and exciting that’s just how the cookie crumbles, but I promise I’m up to some sneaky good things, and will have posts with recipes and pictures soon. Expect to see cakes, bread, verrines, flan, and the aforementioned cookie–before and after the crumbling! =)

Here’s a completely random post of real, healthy food. I know, this is a bakery blog (specifically, my bakery), but… this food was phenomenal, so, it deserves some mention. This fine lunch we had at the Asheville Bier Garden. Heaps of beers on tap (and bottled), and some seriously good food!

Here’s a Chicken and Apple Sausage sandwich. Tasty. The sweet potato fries were interesting. They were generously sprinkled with cinnamon, and sugar. This didn’t quite work for me, because when I want fries, I want SALT! Not sugar…. but, whatever. It was an experience.

And here is the best Caesar Salad I’ve ever had. Why? Because it was coated in a lemon/oil mixture, and then GRILLED. Seriously. YUM. All things taste better when licked by flames. It’s true. Look it up. There was the perfect amount of creamy Caesar dressing, some grated parmesan, and, the best part: roasted cashews. MY GOD! What a great, creamy, lemony, grilled combo. I loved it. And surprisingly, it’s something easy to make at home. I’m sure you can all figure it out. Or just experiment and see what you get! But it will never be as good as this:


The buttery foccacia bread was coated in crushed pecans and herbs, then baked. Really good.