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My apologies for not posting in a while. I’ve still been baking a lot, but I haven’t taken a photo that I feel is good enough to share (and no amount of PhotoShop or Irfanview is going to make them better). Which is a shame, because I’ve made four varieties of semifreddo (chocolate hazelnut, blueberry, lemon white chocolate, and cranberry), some blueberry tartlettes, and a variety of macarons (chocolate lavendar, mint chocolate, blueberry pancake, and lemon).

Hopefully I’ll get some decent photos soon… until then…. =)

I’ve been having some computer problems lately. On my home computer, at least. My work computer is just ridiculously slow. It seems PhotoShop and my home computer just can’t play nice…. frustrating. So, while I figure all that out (and backup all of my photos, music, etc), I’m stuck using Irfanview for all my photo editing needs.

On another note, wikipedia has just informed me that sugar is an addiction, complete with physical dependencies and withdrawal syndromes.

Is it wrong to exploit that?! =)

Last night,  I was supposed to attend a “Writing a Business Plan” workshop put on by the Salt Lake City Public Library (a GREAT library).  Unfortunately, once I got home from work, a migraine came on in full force. I did nothing but writhe in bed, avoiding sound, light, and thinking. Finally, I tried to eat something (a hastily made quesadilla–I’m not posting a recipe, because it was awful). I couldn’t eat the dinner I made, so I curled up on the couch. Finally took a hot bath to relieve some of the tension, then ate a bowl of peas (strangely enough, my comfort food of choice). The headache still loomed, and I didn’t sleep well.

So I’m spending the rest of today at work, and have to work late tonight (until 9pm), and I still don’t feel well. My appetite is totally destroyed, and looking through some of my favourite blogs, all centred around food, is nearly excruciating. It’s not a good day for me.

And I’m totally bummed I missed the workshop. I have a feeling I could have learned a good deal. Maybe next time….