Big Spoon Bakery – specialising in decorated cakes, pastries, and dessert catering. Based in Portland, OR. Me enjoying some Cupcake Royale

My name is Jason Luttrell, and I am a cake decorator. Since recipes are what I read and understand best, this is the stuff I’m made up of:

1/2 cup linguist, sifted
1 cup sociologist over medium-high heat, until boiling
1 tbsp academic, chilled by bureaucratic nonsense
155 pounds traveler, sometimes more if the airline allows the extra baggage
13 parts musician, whisked frenetically to a high cacophony
2 tbsp Coloradan (by birth)
1 tbsp Utahn (by accident)
2 tsp each: imitation Canadian extract, imitation South African extract
a dash of mountain biker, snowboarder, and hiker, to taste.

Bake at 350 degrees fahrenheit, or until bubbled over and burning everywhere.

If you want to order some sweet goods, contact me at:

jasluttrell (at) gmail (dot) com