Since Spring is… er… springing, I thought it would be nice to show some cakes I’ve done with a variety of flowers. Now, these photos are old… maybe two years ago, when I was first learning to decorate cakes. That’s my disclaimer for anything wrong imperfect.

This lovely little pink cake, with indiscernible white flowers and a pearl border, was biscotti cake. No, the cake wasn’t hard and tough, it was just flavoured like traditional biscotti: a little bit of cocoa and some anise seeds. Surprisingly, it was pretty good!

This was my first attempt at a tiered cake. Obviously. I donated this to Equality Utah a long time ago. Each tier was a chocolate cake, but each tier had a different ffilling between the layers. The fillings were coconut cream, strawberries, and caramel. The multi-coloured daisies took FOREVER to make, so I’m glad I had help from two of my friends.

This was a quick little heart-shaped chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache and gumpaste flowers (not sure what kind!) that I made for Valentine’s Day (years ago).

Tiger lilies are some of the most interesting flowers. A friend of mine was turning 23, and she said her favourite colour was blue and she liked tiger lilies. I made 24 lilies out of royal icing, and all but 8 broke. They were an utter, dismal failure, and are the reason for my hatred of royal icing. The cake is blue vanilla buttercream, with a fondant bow. I really like the colour scheme of this cake, I just wish I could remember the flavours of cake!

Hopefully spring is… springing in your area, and you’re able to see some flowers soon! =)