Tulie Bakery is the new kid in town. I couldn’t find a website, but the address is 863 East, 700 South in good ol’ SLC. This is one of the finest bakeries I’ve been to in this city, so I hope they weather the economic situation and emerge victorious. They are deserving for the quality of their product. I’ve been a handful of times, but here are some of the highlights:

$3.00, 12 oz

$3.00, 12 oz

Some of their items are a bit pricey, but for the quality and the size, it is well worth it. Tulie Bakery uses local and natural cream and eggs, the best chocolates, and pure vanilla. They also try to use as much organic produce as possible (though in the winter, I’m sure this gets difficult). The selection varies from day to day, and the frangipane croissant is probably the hardest thing to find, but when it is available, it is like gold… SO GOOD!

The setup of the bakery is unique, but probably challenging for traditional American customers. The sitting area only has two long tables, which means customers have to sit elbow-to-elbow, which can be uncomfortable for some, since most people don’t like sitting next to someone they don’t know. The setup is definitely European in nature, so I think this adds to the bakery’s overall charm.

So far, my experiences with Tulie Bakery have been very positive, and I plan on frequenting it as much as possible! You should do the same!