Continuing in the vein of Knoxville, TN-based bakeries, I proudly present Magpies:

I visited Magpies when I was in Knoxville of the holiday break. It was an easy-to-find location, and apparently is a new location for the bakery that has been around for a number of years. I actually expected to see more than cupcakes on display. I’d heard of Magpies before, but thought it was more of a traditional bakery. When I arrived expecting some great pastry action for breakfast, I’ll admit that I was mildly disappointed. Cupcakes are great, but not exactly what I want for breakfast (I know some people’s opinions differ on the matter, but… my blog).

After chatting with the owner about the bakery, the new location, and her love of Salt Lake City (WHOO!), she hooked me up with some free carrot cupcakes! YES! Sometimes I really love a good carrot cake. And magpies is goooooooooood! =) See for yourself:

Carrot cake

Carrot cake

I would like to point out the nearly flawless cream cheese frosting, which completely covers the cupcake. I’m a big fan of that. And the walnut pieces just hanging in the balance really finishes off the whole effect. And the cupcake was dense, the cream cheese frosting lightly tangy…. yum!

I bought a sampler package; an assortment of mini-cupcakes. The total cost was around $10, which isn’t too bad, but isn’t too great, either. What can I say? I’m cheap…

From top left to right, going down:

Vanilla – pretty classic, and pretty good.

Mango – not for me. Too weird and fake tasting. But, I don’t really like mango anyways.

Chocolate – tasty. Rich. Good times! But, nothing spectacularly out of this world, either.

Strawberry – very sweet. Definitely not “real”. Again, not for me, even though I like strawberries.

Mocha – the same chocolate cake as before, but with EXCELLENT coffee flavoured buttercream. Unfortunately, the “coffee bean” on top was not a coffee bean at all, more of a chocolate nib. A bit disappointing, really!

Red velvet – beautiful, but mine are better!

So, Magpies is pretty great, I’m not gonna lie. Some flavours weren’t for me, and that’s just the simple fact of that. Some people wouldn’t dig the mocha, or the red velvet (though I don’t know why).

Still, have a look at their website, and if you’re ever in Knoxville, get up there! Maybe you’ll even get a few freebies like me!