While in Asheville, North Carolina, I stumbled upon RiverSculpture at Reynolds Mountain. Well, let’s just say I stumbled upon a posting at the Visitor’s Center in downtown Asheville. Actually finding the location of RiverSculpture was a bit more daunting, partly because there was utility work happening at the intersection where I was supposed to turn, and that completely threw me off, and I ended up driving 40 minutes in the wrong direction. Whoops…

Anyways, RiverSculpture took place at a construction site for the future downtown of  Woodfin. The dates were from September 27th to January 5th, so the exhibit is likely closed down now. At any rate, it was a cool experience to wander a construction site and stumble upon sculpture after sculpture after sculpture. Here are some photos, but certainly I didn’t photograph *all* of the submissions from the 44 artists. That would have entailed a lot of wandering, and the sun was starting to set when I finally left the exhibit. Still, I love outdoor sculpture exhibits… such a cool, exhilirating way to display someone’s work. Don’t you agree?















These were all over the place, and said different things. I found their simplicity to be very inspiring, and I really like the creative placement of the footprints:

























































HA! I like this one….











































For more RiverSculpture information, go to www.riversculpture.com