So, while on vacation, I had the great fortune of seeing some (not all!) of the entries to the 2008 National Gingerbread Competition at the in Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina.

A fair warning: this post is image intensive. It has to be! There were a lot of entries to photograph and learn from! So, without further adieu:



I really dig the use of Chex cereal for the roof on the house in the lower left corner. Clever!


Some of these houses have been standing since mid-November, when the competition officially took place. As a result, some of the poor houses are falling apart. I feel bad for the house in the above photo… an entire wall has fallen off! Those poor gingerbread people. I hope they had insurance! =)



















My personal favourite:


Ok, here’s my other favourite (and yes, I’m allowed to have two favourites… it’s my blog!):
















I dig the clocktower, but I’m not sure what the colourful mass next to it is supposed to be…. regardless, did you get a look at those candy cane columns? Ionic? Doric? I don’t know…. here’s a closer look:



I believe a fourth grade class concocted the following creation… not bad!



















These creations won something, but… I can’t remember. Maybe if you try you can read the ribbons…. I don’t even know what division they were in, but I’d say teen. Let’s go with that. Teen division.



















And here are two nearly identical photos of the first place winner for the teen/young adult division:
















So…. you might be asking yourself 

“Where is the grand champion?”

Well…. you’ll just have to wait until the next post… duh. I’ve got to keep some suspense going!