More cakes for the holidays! This time, the cupcakes were for a holiday party I was actually invited to! WHOO!

I had a lot of fun at the party (it was for an office at the University of Utah that I work with). Good times. Lots of wine, great food, awesome company, and a surprisingly good White Elephant Gift Exchange (I scored a bag of hot chocolate-filled Hershey kisses… yum!)

Here’s photos of the cupcakes:














The cupcakes were Creme Brulee flavoured. No, I didn’t torch the sugar to form a nice caramel crunch, I simply added some extra vanilla extract and some yummy, thick caramel syrup to the batter just before baking. Once they baked, I infused them with a special syrup (the ingredients are a secret!), topped them with a bit of vanilla meringue buttercream, then some fondant. Each cupcake is handpainted (yes, that’s right!) with luster dust, then decorated with royal icing designs. The little bell-hook things were made out of gumpaste, and painted with gold luster dust.

These were some REALLY GREAT cupcakes! I’m very proud. All in all, it took about 6 hours to decorate 24 of them. Whew!!!

They were completely devoured in 20 minutes. =)