Last night,  I was supposed to attend a “Writing a Business Plan” workshop put on by the Salt Lake City Public Library (a GREAT library).  Unfortunately, once I got home from work, a migraine came on in full force. I did nothing but writhe in bed, avoiding sound, light, and thinking. Finally, I tried to eat something (a hastily made quesadilla–I’m not posting a recipe, because it was awful). I couldn’t eat the dinner I made, so I curled up on the couch. Finally took a hot bath to relieve some of the tension, then ate a bowl of peas (strangely enough, my comfort food of choice). The headache still loomed, and I didn’t sleep well.

So I’m spending the rest of today at work, and have to work late tonight (until 9pm), and I still don’t feel well. My appetite is totally destroyed, and looking through some of my favourite blogs, all centred around food, is nearly excruciating. It’s not a good day for me.

And I’m totally bummed I missed the workshop. I have a feeling I could have learned a good deal. Maybe next time….