I am sorry I’ve been slacking so much. That’s not entirely true. I just don’t know what to write. I think I started this blog without a clear vision of what it would be (and I’m still without any kind of vision, so that certainly doesn’t help)!

With that in mind, I suppose i’ll do whatever I feel like, and things will just come together as the universe allows.

While it may seem like I have been slacking immensely, I’ve constantly been busy with the other aspects of my life. Job stuff, work stuff, traveling (a bit!), as well as generally coordinating everything going on in life. It’s amazing how thinking about everything–future, goals, plans, etc–can really take up a lot of time and destroy any energy. I’ve been going home most nights to simply sit around, usually watching TV (ggrrr!), lamenting about the change in weather (I miss summer already!), and unifying everything in my life; or attempting to, at least.

Unity is something I’ve been thinking a bit about lately. I have so many things pulling me in different directions. I want to move to a new city. I want a new job. Do I stay an academic advisor? Do I make the push to really be a baker, damn the consequences and the cut in pay?! Do I eventually go to graduate school? What do I go to grad school for… linguistics? Sociology? Economics?! I’ve NO idea. And then, of course, I think about the things I love: my friends, travel, food, writing, playing (and creating) music… how do I get all of this to come together to make one cohesive whole? I can’t see it, really. But I’m slowly working on it. And these are the thoughts that keep me from updating, from learning technology, from posting photos, and for pushing myself and pushing Big Spoon Bakery. Which, of course, brings more questions to the forefront…. what is Big Spoon Bakery? What do I want this bakery to be? How do I want it to look, feel, and come together? And more importantly, when can I make this happen?! I often think I’m ready to dive in, but I know there’s SO much I’m not prepared for. But all too often, I’m not making the push necessary to ready myself.

In short, I have some things to work on, and to think through. I’ll get there, I just hope it doesn’t take too long!

I’ll do what I can to be a little more punctual. But of course, there’s always the technology to hurdle. Really, I’ve no idea what I’m doing when it comes to having a blog, posting photos, dealing with PhotoShop, etc. I’ll do my best, but I absolutely welcome any suggestions!